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FundsMama's extensive range of fast, easy and affordable online personal loans makes life stress-free and more enjoyable for our borrowers and adds value to those precious moments that would otherwise be difficult for them to manage or achieve. Personal loans are unsecured financial instruments that help borrowers tide over difficult times or give them the freedom to purchase products and services that may not be covered by a monthly salary. Loans are only useful when they are available at the right time and for the right occasion.


Fulfil Your Dreams and Get Complete Peace of Mind with FundsMama's Instant Personal and Short-term Loans

  • emergency-loan

    Medical Emergency Loan

    Health disasters can strike anytime and anywhere, and even with medical insurance, hospitalisation and post-operative expenses can be difficult to manage. Our instant medical emergency loan is made for just such situations, so you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Short-Term-Loan

    Short Term Loan

    Need a small amount of cash to meet out-of-pocket expenses? We've got you. Get FundsMama's instant short-term loan to ease you through a difficult time.

  • shopping-loan

    Shopping Loan

    Need to refurbish your home with new furniture or electronic household goods? No time like the present to avail of FundsMama's instant Shopping Loan for all your big purchases.

  • travel-loan

    Travel Loan

    Want to go on that long-delayed vacation or dream honeymoon destination but it's out of your budget? Get ready to travel with FundsMama's instant travel loan. Our travel loan covers everything, so all you have to do is have a good time.

  • Vehicle-Loan

    Vehicle Loan (2/4-wheelers)

    Thinking of getting a new car, motorcycle, or even an e-vehicle? Get the best deals on vehicle loans from FundsMama that are customized just for you.

  • House-Renovation

    House Renovation Loan

    Time to spruce up your home? Get FundsMama's instant House Renovation Loan for renovating and redecorating your house.

  • Education-Loan

    Education Loan

    Attaining a quality higher education degree from a reputable university is no longer just a dream. Get the perfect education loan from FundsMama and get set to soar ahead in your career.

  • Credit-Card-Repayment-Loan

    Credit Card Repayment Loan

    Is that credit card outstanding amount giving you headaches? Get rid of it all in one go with FundsMama's Credit Card Repayment Loan and say goodbye to mounting credit card bills.

  • Wedding-Loan

    Wedding Loan

    No matter how much you plan, weddings can quickly go off budget, leaving you with stress and anxiety. With FundsMama's instant Wedding Loan, you can bid adieu to all your worries and have that perfect wedding that you dreamed of.

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Simple 3-Step Process
The personal loan application process at FundsMama is highly simplified and lightning fast.
Just follow these 3 steps and you are good to go.


Fill out the loan application form. This is a simple process that will take just a few minutes of your time. Provide a few details such as your name, mobile number, email, PAN, etc., as well as the loan amount you are looking for and your monthly income.


You will receive an email requesting the documents required to complete the loan application. The details shared by you will be used to check your eligibility based on company set criteria.


Once your eligibility has been established, you will receive a phone call to process your loan, and then your loan will be disbursed in the least of time.

Personal loans upto 1,00,000/-
Cash loans without security cover
No need for Guarantor / Co-borrower
Loans upto 80% of your take-home salary
Revolving tenure upto 1 year
Rate of Interest upto 32% APR
Fees upto 10% of loan amount
Loans without any preclosure charges - Pay as you Use

Representative Example:

For Rs 25000/- borrowed for 12 months, with annual interest rate (APR) of 30%, borrower would pay:

  • Processing Fees = 5%
  • Interest = Rs 7,500/-
  • Total amount to repay at the end of tenure = Rs 32,500/-
  • NACH bounce charges = Rs 500/-
  • Delay Payment charges = 36%*

* This fee is ONLY applicable when borrowers repay bill overdue. For example, if you have Rs 10,000/- overdue of principal, then customer to pay additional Rs 300/- for    one month of delay in repayment of loan.

The annual interest rates and processing fees varies according to the risk profile of customers.


The following criteria need to be met for the smooth and successful disbursal of the loan:

  • Should be Indian Citizens.
  • Must be salaried professionals.
  • Must have a monthly take home salary of at least INR 25,000/-
  • Should have a regular credit of salary to a bank account.
  • Age should be between 21 and 55 years.
  • Loans of up to 80% of your monthly salary.

Provide the following KYC documents for evaluation of your loan-worthiness

  • PAN Card.
  • Salary Slips (Last 3 months).
  • Bank Statement of Salary Account (3/6 months).
  • Address Proof.
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Having a low CIBIL score does not automatically preclude you from getting a loan, but it will affect the amount of loan that you can avail and the loan structure that you will get. Having a good CIBIL score allows you the opportunity to get higher loan amounts with better interest rates.

A loan top-up is an additional loan over and above your existing loan. You can apply for a loan top-up after completing 6 successful EMI payments. To find out more about loan top-ups, call our dedicated customer care number.

Selecting your loan tenure is a balancing act. If you select a low tenure, your EMIs will be higher, but you will pay less interest. If you select a longer tenure, your EMIs will be lower but you will end up paying more interest. You should carefully select your tenure based on your monthly financial outflow. Talk to our experts to get a better understanding.

FundsMama's loan disbursal process is among the fastest in the industry. From the time of application, it will take us up to 24 hours to evaluate your eligibility and approve your loan. Post approval, it will take us up to 36 hours to disburse your loan amount.

You can visit our website or download our app and use our free EMI calculator, which will give you details about your EMI.

Applying for a medical emergency loan from FundsMama is a fast and easy process. Just visit our website or download our app and fill in the details in the online form with your name, phone number, email id, etc. as well as your salary details and expected loan amount.

No, there are no restrictions. FundsMama's Medical Emergency Loans can be used for any medical purpose including hospitalization expenses, medicines and post-hospitalization expenses.

Yes, you can. FundsMama's Travel Loans can be used for travel to any domestic or international destination. Our Travel loans can be used for travel bookings, hotel accommodation and sightseeing expenses.

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We strictly adhere to the RBI directives and have an efficient grievance redressal team to look into and resolve all types of grievances. We always strive for responsible lending, we only offer loans that we know will be easy for you to repay, and we charge ethical fees. We never believe in high pressure or forced recovery methods of any kind. But if you have a complaint, we take it seriously and solve the problem within 5-7 working days.

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